FIRST Rocky Mountain Robotics Team 662 is organized like a business. With this model, our team stays organized and efficient. We separate our team into ten different departments, each with its own purpose. Each department can spend the majority of its time focusing on their aspect of the competition, so that the team performs well in every aspect. Equally important is being able to integrate all the work of the different departments into the products we make. The Public and Team Relations and Quality Assurance Departments ensure that the work of the different departments works together, and that full team meetings on Wednesdays bring all of the departments together for an update on the team's overall progress. Based on this organizational structure, we believe that our team can create a better product and perform more effectively in the FIRST Robotics Competition. 

Drive Train - This department makes our robot mobile. They design and build the base of the robot, allowing for manueverability.
Manipulator - Design main structure of the robot, fitting the competition each year and working with game pieces.
Public and Team Relations - Organizes community outreach as well as positive inter team relations, while working on branding the team.
Programming - Programming writes the code that allows the robot to follow commands and complete game objectives.
Quality Assurance - This department assures that other teams are able to perform their highest quality work.
Scouting and Strategy - At the competition, this department determines alliance picks and gathers information about other robots..
Special Projects - If the team needs any game pieces built, they go to Special Projects. Their job is to create and recreate any objects used in the competition.
Wiring and Pneumatics - While Drive Train and Manipulator build and assemble the robot's parts, this team makes sure those parts get the power and information they need.

Department Leadership

The leadership for FIRST team Rocky Mountain Robotics 662 is made up of 14 student leaders. In addition to a Chief Executive Officer and a Chief Operating Officer, a vice president presides over a group of students controlling each specific aspect of the team. The structure is modeled after a business to improve efficiency of our team's operation and to effectively manage a large team with students from 6 different high schools.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for overall organization of the team, as well as many administrative tasks such as event planning and team communication. The CEO organizes and runs team meetings, vital to effective project management. The CEO takes on the challenge of preparing our team for various awards such as the Chairman's Award and the Woodie Flowers award.

The Chief Operating Officer strives to supplement the CEO's work in completing a multitude of tasks. The COO manages "behind the scenes" affairs including budgeting and provides an overall schedule for the team.



Jessica Mills

Chief Executive Officer


Cory Vandenberg

Chief Operating Officer


Andrew Marshall

Cheif Technical Officer 



Alex Johnson

 VP Manipulator


Will Yingling

VP Programming


Corinne Moss

VP Public and Team Relations



Shelby Johnson

VP Scouting and Strategy


Cayden Blue

VP Special Projects


Jackson Kulik

Director of First Tech Challenge



Nick Oetting

VP Drive Train


Serenity Brigham

VP Wiring and Pneumatics


Jack Garner

Cheif Software Architect